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ISSN 1996-0522 (Print)

ISSN 2949-0731 (Online)

The peer-reviewed scientific journal “Sotsium i vlast/Society and Power” has been published by the Chelyabinsk branch of RANEPA since 2004.

On the pages of the journal, current issues of modern humanitarian knowledge are discussed in the following areas: philosophical practice, the value-centered dimension of modern youth’s subjectivity, digital transformation, sociocultural transformation, technicalization of living things, etc.

The editorial board of the journal includes leading Russian and foreign scientists, doctors of science in the following specialties: ontology and theory of knowledge; social philosophy; philosophical anthropology, philosophy of culture; history of philosophy; political institutions, processes, technologies, etc.

Among the authors of the journal there are reputable humanities researchers from different regions of Russia, near and far abroad countries.

Articles are published in both Russian and English.


The journal is an open platform for presenting scientific information that has theoretical and practical significance in the field of socio-political sciences, contributing to the dialogue between representatives of the scientific community and authorities at all levels on various aspects of social life.

The journal provides opportunities for independent, critical and responsible reasoning in line with current interest in the problems of society and government within the framework of scientific specialties determined by the Higher Attestation Commission.


Chief Editor:

Zyryanov Sergey Grigorievich – Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor (Chelyabinsk branch of RANEPA, Chelyabinsk, Russia)


Translated name: Sotsium i vlast/Society and Power


Periodicity: 4 issues per year (March, June, September, December)


Open Access: The journal provides open access to its content based on the license Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0)


Publication free: Publication of papers in the journal is free for all authors.

Languages of the journal: Russian, English.

Manuscripts of scientific articles submitted to the journal’s Editorial Board are subject to the one-sided “blind” review procedure, as well as checking with the Anti-Plagiarism system, which results in deciding to include/not to include the article in the journal.


Indexing and ratings:

Q1 in the Higher Attestation Commission list, Ulrichsweb, CrossRef (DOI), RISC, Worldcat, Lens, OpenAlex,, EconPapers, EBS “Lan”, SSRN.


Founder FSBEI HE “The Presidential Academy” (RANEPA)


Publisher Chelyabinsk branch of the Presidential Academy


Co-publisher South Ural State University (NRU)


For publication in the journal Editorial Board accepts scientific papers on the following topics:

- power, management, politics

- vertical of power

- a person in power

- management culture

- social policy and consumption

- regional economy

- socio-economic transformation

- philosophical practice

- value-centered dimension of modern youth’s subjectivity

- digital transformation

This list is not completed and may be extended.


We publish papers written in the following genres:

- scientific article

- translation of a scientific article

- review article

- discussion article

- book review

- interview with a scientist

- article about a scientific event

The journal publishes only original articles previously not published anywhere. When sending the manuscript to the Editorial Board the author automatically is obliged not to publish it, fully or partially in any other journal without the consent of the Publisher.

The target audience of the journal:

The journal is addressed to the scientific and academic community in Russia and abroad in the field of state and municipal administration, philosophy, political science, economics, and management.

According to the results of the final categorical distribution of the journals included in the Higher Attestation Commission list the journal Sotsium i vlast/Society and Power was assigned with the category Q1 (the journal should publish major scientific results of dissertations for the degree of doctor and candidate of sciences).

Scientific specialties of Higher Attestation Commission:

Philosophical sciences

5.7.1. Ontology and theory of knowledge

5.7.2. History of philosophy

5.7.3. Aesthetics

5.7.4. Ethics

5.7.5. Logics

5.7.6. Philosophy of Science and Technology

5.7.7. Social and political philosophy

5.7.8. Philosophical anthropology, philosophy of culture

5.7.9. Philosophy of religion and religious studies

Political Sciences

5.5.2. Political institutions, processes, technologies

5.5.3. Public administration and industry-specific policies

5.5.4. International relationships

Economic sciences

5.2.4. Finance

5.2.3. Regional and sectoral economics

5.2.6. Management

The list of the peer-reviewed editions in which major scientific results of dissertations for the degree of doctor and candidate of sciences are to be published


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